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A Voice. An Email. A New Home Across the Sea.

Maddie Booth has lived overseas for the past eight years while her father taught at a Department of Defense school in the Netherlands. And though she has loved her time in Europe, it made the college application process tough because she, like many other military dependents, did not know where she should apply.

Where her parents were last stationed? Where they were born? At a college and university near home? Where is home?

Fortunately Maddie still had family— a grandmother, living stateside in Idaho. Her desire to be near family led her to consider Boise State.

She soon made a campus visit with her grandmother and auditioned as a voice student for Dr. Michael Porter. Upon her arrival, she felt an instant connection with the program and the campus. “Everyone at Boise State was so welcoming, so helpful and excited for me to be there,” she says about that first visit.

If that first visit was not enough, it was an email, often a mode of communication so impersonal, which completely “wowed” her. Dr. Porter, after meeting Maddie, emailed her explaining how much she was wanted and that a scholarship would be available. To Maddie, this said she was not just another student or body to put into a program, but someone that was sought after.

She was floored. She was wanted. She had a scholarship. Maddie’s decision was cemented. She would attend Boise State.

But the personal experience did not end there. Dr. Porter had also invited Maddie to attend a Meistersinger’s practice. Meistersingers is Boise State’s premiere choral ensemble, so Maddie was exhilarated to watch a practice. And yet, she did not just watch. Dr. Porter pulled her from her seat and granted her the honor of also singing with the ensemble.

Since then, Maddie has been unstoppable. She was selected for the Meistersingers in her first semester and serves as the music minster at St. Paul’s Student Center and volunteers for the Boise State Jazz Band and vocal jazz ensemble.

“I am getting the education and experience I need to fulfill my dream of teaching music to an underserved population. Because of my scholarship, I can breathe a little easier financially and realize that Boise State is the only place I’d like to be.”