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The First in His Family

man-on-brickChristian Guerro would be in college right now, no matter what. His fire to learn and his family’s sacrifice on behalf of his studies are too great to ignore. When talking about his success, he speaks of honoring his parents, working hard and a can-do attitude.

He has striking confidence – except when talking about paying for school without scholarships. That’s the only time the word ‘fear’ comes up as he tells his story.

Christian was born in Durango, Mexico to parents who dreamt of creating a better life for their children. He was just five-years-old when his family came to the United States to find work. He watched his mother and father toil and his two older brothers drop out of school. And as a teenager, he often asked if he should leave school and find work.

The answer was always “no – you must focus on your studies.”

Today, Christian is a senior at Boise State University earning a degree in chemistry. He’s the first in his family to go to college. He will be the first in his family with a college degree. And if his plans play out, he will go on to graduate school and one day become a college professor.

And it’s possible because of a scholarship.

More information about giving to student scholarships at Boise State.