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Student-Athlete Becomes Business Scholar

Sam McCaskill speaks to audienceSam McCaskill graduated in December 2016 from Boise State University with a bachelor’s in supply chain management.  Originally from Eugene, Ore., he always dreamed of playing college football and joined the Broncos on the gridiron for his college career.  

“At 18-years-old, I never thought I would have to make a decision that changed my life forever,” he says. “Now I’m training for the NFL while working part-time for the University.”

As a student-athlete, Sam said,  he appreciates the efforts alumni, donors and fans make to help players succeed.

“It has been extremely impactful to see the efforts that go into bringing a kid from out of state into such a welcoming community,” he said.

He credits programs at Boise State like the Venture College and the College of Innovation and Design for providing opportunities with exposure to immense contacts in the community that make themselves available as beneficial resources.

Sam says he one day hopes to give back to the University, the way others have supported him.  His athletic scholarship allowed him to challenge himself on the field and in the classroom.  

“My parents always put a lot of emphasis on education,” he says. “Coming into college I sought to pursue a degree that would challenge me and pair well with my football experience.”  He is currently working on a personal undertaking centered around innovating football equipment and says, “My degree was a great compliment with football to enhance my leadership skills and develop the understanding of what it will take to run my own business,” he added.