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Donor Stories

Alumni Couple Give Back to University That Changed Their Lives

A lifetime filled with education, adventure, and service to others, this Boise State University alumni couple have shared their knowledge with children globally. From working in a remote village in Alaska to being evacuated from their home in Yemen, Glenn and Suzanne Mosher’s careers, and life experiences as teachers began at Boise State.
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The Impact of Teaching and Giving Inspires Music Professor to Support Scholarships

With a tenure of 32-years teaching in the Music Department at Boise State University, it’s no surprise that Del Parkinson wants to give back to his community. Parkinson believes that an investment in people is one of the most significant contributions one can make. Parkinson established an endowed scholarship to provide funding for students pursuing degrees in music. He’s also dedicated funds from his estate to support the endowment that will carry on in perpetuity.
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Beedes Support Student-Athlete Scholars

Dr. Bob and Suzy Beede, both Colorado State University alumni, now devoted Boise State fans have been working with Boise State University to set up an estate plan dedicated to student-athletes. With nearly a one percent chance of student-athletes going professional in their sport, the Beedes believe that these scholarships will provide student-athletes with a great education so they can graduate and become professionals within their majors.
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Friend of Boise State Supports Multiple Programs to Bolster Education

Gary Dunn believes that lifetime learning is critical to the ongoing development of the Treasure Valley as a destination location for retirees from across the United States. “Legacy is important to me,” he said. “That’s why I’ve made provisions for multiple Boise State programs, on both an annual basis, and in my deferred gifting plan.” In addition to establishing the Ernst & Young Scholarship in Accountancy, Gary supports the College of Business and Economics (COBE) Global Scholar’s Program, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, and the Intensive English Program (IEP).
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Enhancing the Toolkit of Young Professionals Through the Robert and Lori Topp Business Scholarship

Robert Topp, ’81, completed his Master of Business Administration at Boise State University and is so fond of the College of Business and Economics (COBE) that he and his wife established the Robert and Lori Topp Business Scholarship as his gift to help future business professionals with their studies. Lori also completed her BBA in Marketing at Boise State (COBE) in ’82. Robert and Lori elected to create charitable gift annuities during their lives which will eventually endow the business scholarship.
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Veteran Creates Scholarship for Hearing Impaired

The legacy of George Shaber as a man of service, not only as a United States Marine, but also as a professor, historian, cycling enthusiast, and family man, will forever be recognized through his planned gift and the establishment of the George Shaber Veterans Scholarship. After returning from his service during World War II, George was able to use the GI Bill to attend post-secondary education and received an associate’s degree in arts & sciences in 1947 from Boise Junior College, along with a bachelor’s from Colorado College, a master’s from University of California, Berkeley and began working on his doctorate. In his professional career, George was an educator, a “professor of the people” who believed in getting to know students through their own worldviews.
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beverlymillerThe Power of Gift Planning: Thank You, Beverly Miller!

Beverly Ann Miller was a long-time employee of Boise State University, working as a librarian at the university for almost 40 years, and at the time of her retirement in 2007, she was the head research librarian. Beverly had two passions in her life. The first was the study and promotion of women’s rights. The second was her love of animals, especially her dogs.
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nearly50yearsNearly Fifty Years of Support is Just the Beginning

Boise State Emeriti, Gene and Jackie Fuller, are very proud of their roles in Boise State’s amazing growth into a metropolitan research university of distinction. Through charitable estate planning, their decades of investment in the success of Boise State and its students will continue even after they are gone.
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inspirationtogiveAn Inspiration to Give

Mark Roby already was a successful financial planner when he earned his bachelor’s degree in applied science in 1992. He wanted to go back to school to inspire his children and impress upon them the importance of a college education.
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Chuck Hallett portraitA Lifetime of Generosity and Beyond

Just two years after he graduated, alumnus Chuck Hallett, (BBA, accountancy, 1977) made his first philanthropic contribution to Boise State. It was just a $10 gift — but its impact on the long-term success of countless Boise State students is profound.
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studentthankyouStudent Offers a Special Thank You to Deceased Donors

The Dean and Thelma Brown Memorial Scholarship was created in 1995. When they passed away, the more than 200,000 shares of Albertson’s stock they left to Boise State in a bequest were valued in excess of $7 million. Thelma’s will also created a term of years Charitable Remainder Unitrust to benefit family members, as the Browns had no children of their own. Hundreds of students have been recipients of the Brown Scholarship and countless others will benefit in the years ahead. One student recently wrote a letter thanking his (deceased) donors for giving him the opportunity to succeed.
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ultimatedonorPicture the Ultimate Donor

Close your eyes and imagine if you can the ideal couple: handsome; tanned; always smiling; enjoying life. Now picture what I affectionately describe as the Ultimate Donor: gives to the annual fund; belongs to the Coaches Club; is a seat-owner for Bronco football; and establishes a tremendously generous gift through estate planning.
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Danny Richards portraitLife Insurance: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

There are many ways that our alumni and friends can elect to make financial contributions to Boise State. A gift of life insurance is just one of the many ways individuals can make a contribution that is more substantial than they ever thought possible. Danny Richards is one alumnus who has chosen to make a difference for the future.
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