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Blue, Orange and Plew

Photo of Mark PlewDr. Mark G. Plew,  professor of anthropology at Boise State University created the Wesley R. and Mary Hurt endowed scholarship – a scholarship that provides support of student research projects in archaeology.

Plew was inspired to endow the scholarship by many individuals, one of them being Wes Hurt.

“(Wes) emphasized that those of us having the opportunity to obtain an education are positioned to do things that change people’s lives,” explained Plew. “We as part of our belonging to the academic community commit ourselves to giving back in whatever ways possible.”

“I would encourage colleagues to remember that the support they may have received as a student is now important to the success of their students,” said Plew.

He hopes that his story will inspire and encourage others to give back as he has done so generously.

Please consider joining Mark and other Boise State employees by participating in the Blue, Orange and You campus giving campaign. There are several options of where you can support, and giving through payroll deduction is simple and easy.

For more information on the Boise State employee giving program, visit the Blue, Orange and You website.