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Donor Stories

The Impact of Teaching and Giving Inspires Music Professor to Support Scholarships

With a tenure of 32-years teaching in the Music Department at Boise State University, it’s no surprise that Del Parkinson wants to give back to his community. Parkinson believes that an investment in people is one of the most significant contributions one can make. Parkinson established an endowed scholarship to provide funding for students pursuing degrees in music. He’s also dedicated funds from his estate to support the endowment that will carry on in perpetuity.
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Beedes Support Student-Athlete Scholars

Dr. Bob and Suzy Beede, both Colorado State University alumni, now devoted Boise State fans have been working with Boise State University to set up an estate plan dedicated to student-athletes. With nearly a one percent chance of student-athletes going professional in their sport, the Beedes believe that these scholarships will provide student-athletes with a great education so they can graduate and become professionals within their majors.
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Photo of Mark PlewBlue, Orange and Plew

Dr. Mark G. Plew,  professor of anthropology at Boise State University created the Wesley R. and Mary Hurt endowed scholarship – a scholarship that provides support of student research projects in archaeology. Plew was inspired to endow the scholarship by many individuals, one of them being Wes Hurt.

“(Wes) emphasized that those of us having the opportunity to obtain an education are positioned to do things that change people’s lives,” explained Plew. “We as part of our belonging to the academic community commit ourselves to giving back in whatever ways possible.”

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Faculty Endowments Recognize Excellence and Support Critical Need for Superior Education

The excellence of Boise State faculty members advances the quality of instruction for our students, and the quality of intellectual capital that enriches the social, cultural and economic success of the region.  Endowed professorships and chairs honor and recognize the distinction of top-flight faculty, while providing invaluable financial support, above and beyond salary, for use in research, teaching or service activities.

Take for example Dr. Julia Oxford, Boise State’s professor of biology and director of the Biomolecular Research Center. When Duane and Lori Stueckle became aware of Dr. Oxford’s work, they established an endowed faculty chair in the Department of Biology that provides annual support for an existing faculty member who is involved in research and teaching with biomedical applications.
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Amy JaureguiBlue, Orange and You — Making Boise State Even Better

Meet Amy Jauregui. She’s a Boise State alumna and a lifelong member of the Boise community working as a senior business manager in Boise State’s Office of Student Affairs. Amy is one of Boise State’s faculty and staff philanthropists contributing to more than $5.6 million raised through our campus-wide initiative. Since 1997, Amy’s support includes membership in the Alumni Association and Boise State Public Radio, annual gifts to the university and support of two successful PonyUp campaigns, including the observatory and funding for Partnership Jamaica, a service learning initiative.
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jimmungerProfessor Endows Foster Youth Scholarship

When most people get a raise or find themselves with a little extra cash, they typically celebrate with a nice meal on the town or a luxury upgrade – say, trading in an old clunker for a slightly newer clunker (with moon roof!). But when biology professor and Vice Provost for Academic Planning Jim Munger found himself in that position earlier this year, he decided to do something a little different: help fund foster kids who want to earn an undergraduate degree at Boise State.
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chrissmall2Building a Springboard for Physics Students

Chris Honcik (BS Chemistry, 1983) and his wife, Thy, have established the half-tuition Honcik Physics Scholarship, an endowed fund that grew from the first gift Chris made when he graduated from Boise State in 1983. After graduation, as his income grew, Chris challenged himself to give a little more than the year before.
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Lisa 150x188Blue, Orange and You — Pay it Forward

Lisa DeRosier has worked at Boise State for six years, and is currently an administrative assistant in the College of Education. She encourages other staff and faculty at Boise State to give. The Blue, Orange and You! spotlighted Lisa, for her continued support of Boise State Students.
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Tjimatkinsonhe Portrait of a Philanthropist as a Young Man

As a young boy, Jim Atkinson Jr. (BBA, accountancy, ’95) didn’t think of himself as a particularly important person. He was a pretty good athlete and teammate, and a good student with a mind for math. He loved numbers and dreamed of someday flying helicopters and becoming a fighter pilot. It was the 1980s in Middleton, Idaho and as six children Atkinson knew things were tight for his family.
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Hallet_Chuck_webA Lifetime of Generosity

Just two years after he graduated, alumnus Chuck Hallett, (B.B.A., accountancy, 1977) made his first philanthropic contribution to Boise State. It was just a $10 gift—but its impact on the long-term success of countless Boise State students is profound.
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houstonfiveinstructorInspired to Give

John Foudy, Lucas Buchanan, Michael Farley, Vijay Gottumkkula and Dana Hutchison were eager to have extraordinary impact on the lives of Boise State students and honor their one-time professor, Claude Spinosa. One inspired moment spurred a creative way for all to give and make this dream a reality.
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Jim-Browning copy2Blue, Orange and You—Why I Give

As an undergraduate in engineering, scholarships were critical to the education of Jim Browning, professor of electrical and computer engineering. So, when he came to Boise State, he decided to do what he could to help address this great need among our students.
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