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From the Vice President

Much changed, but mission remains same

Dear fellow members of the Boise State Family,

First, Happy New Year. I am so excited and grateful to be starting this year at a place and with people whom I share so much in common. People whose values align around our sense of global responsibility, commitment to the place we live and the importance of higher education in that mix. While some of our views may differ around the economy, politics and whether an Orange or Blue uniform gives our football team a better shot at a win; we value the importance of providing each one of our children and grandchildren a life that is a little better and more sustainable.

In the ten years since leaving Boise State after my first four years here, so much has changed. Students are everywhere, still doing remarkable things and sparking all of us.  There are even more extraordinary members of the Boise State faculty leading research, mentoring and teaching. I am not sure how Dr. Bob Kustra and his team were able to build a powerful research university that in some ways still feels like a small, private college, but they have. On campus and in the community there also seems to be a dynamic optimism about where we are and where we might go together.

How does University Advancement, the Office of Alumni Relations and the Boise State University Foundation play into moving that agenda forward? We hope that our work helps in educating, transforming and engaging the many and varied Boise State communities through consequential activities.

The Treasure Valley has always been a remarkable place. Entrepreneurship has been and is a trademark of our culture. Fortune 500 companies have been born, nurtured and matured here many times with BJC, BC, BSC and Boise State University alumni and faculty deeply involved in that process. Those campus/community partnerships are the fabric of our growth and the source of future innovations.

Retaining and attracting the best students and faculty are the critical bridge to constant improvement. Getting our own Idaho K-12 students adequately prepared and inspired to “go on” must be a priority. Building more faculty endowments and student merit- and need-based scholarships will allow for the quality and access to education that creates an environment and diversity that has always made Boise State a special place.

Post-secondary education has the power to change the potential of our children to make a transformative difference in their world. Boise State University is among a handful of universities in our country that takes seriously its responsibility to be current, inventive and responsive in how it creates those learning opportunities. The “Blue” is more than our field, it is our attitude.

Go Broncos!

Rick Frisch
Vice President for University Advancement