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Bronco Discovery and Innovation Series

The Bronco Discovery and Innovation Series is hosted by University Advancement in partnership with university leaders welcoming Boise State President’s Club members and guests to hear from the brightest minds in research today.

Spring 2017 Presentation

Knowing What Students Know:
Helping Students and Teachers Accurately Judge Learning

Presented by Dr. Keith Thiede

Date: Thursday, May 18
Time: Noon
Location:  Alumni and Friends Center

Dr. Thiede is trained in educational psychology and studies what students know about their own learning.  He also studies how teachers judge student learning in the classroom. Thiede will present his research showing that learning improves when students and teachers accurately judge learning.

Keith Thiede, College of Education, portrait

Keith Thiede earned his Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Washington in 1994. He spent 12 years at the University of Illinois at Chicago and joined the faculty at Boise State University in 2006. Since coming to Boise State, he has brought in over $3 million dollars in research grants. Keith has published over 50 articles, and serves on the Editorial Board of three top journals in his field. He is currently a professor and associate dean in the College of Education. Keith’s primary area of research is metacognition and self-regulated learning (what students know about their own learning and how they use this information to guide their study). His recent research has also focused on teacher judgments (what teachers know about their students learning).

Past Presenters

Anthony Ellertson

Anthony Ellertson, Ph.D.
Program Director, Gaming and Interactive Mobile Technology (GIMM)
“Seeing is Believing – The Science and Art of Virtual Reality”

Lindsey Turner
Lindsey Turner, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor and Director of Initiative for Healthy Schools
“Healthy Schools: An Essential Investment in Our Nation’s Future”

Tim Andersen

Tim Andersen, Ph.D
Department Chair and Professor of Computer Sciences
“Computer Science Research Fueling Idaho’s Economic Growth”

Cheryl Jorcyk

Cheryl Jorcyk, Ph.D
Professor of Biological Sciences
“Meet the Future of Cancer Research”