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Blue, Orange and You – Pay it Forward

Lisa DeRosier, College of Education, Dean's Office

Lisa DeRosier, College of Education, Dean’s Office

Lisa DeRosier has worked at Boise State for six years and is currently an administrative assistant in the College of Education. She encourages other staff and faculty at Boise State to give. The Blue, Orange and You! spotlighted Lisa, for her continued support of Boise State Students.

Q: What inspired you to give to the Dean’s Excellence Fund in the College of Education?
I’m a huge fan of Boise State. In fact, I was even before my husband graduated from here and before I started working here. About the time when I got the job, the Blue, Orange and You! campaign called for employees to contribute to a scholarship fund through payroll deduction. It was an easy decision for me.  It was so simple to do, and I don’t miss the money because it gets taken out before I see my paycheck.  

Q: You get to choose which fund. Why did you choose this one?
I chose the Dean’s Excellence Fund because I work in the College of Education and wanted my dollars to go close to home.  

Q: Is there a specific instance or student who inspired you?
As an assistant to our development director, I get to see stories of donors and recipients, but the real inspiration was the scholarships my husband received when he was going to Boise State University. It helped our family and I wanted to pay it forward, if even in a small way. I realized that in combination with others, the little bits will add up and be a help to someone else.

Q: What do you hope the long-term impact of your gift will be?
Alleviating the financial burden for students is huge, and I know that eventually, my daughters will come here as well. So, hopefully, others will be able to help them too.

Q: If you could say one thing to encourage a colleague to make a donation of any size what would it be?
Every little bit helps, and since we are on campus and see the faces of the students, it’s awesome to know that we made a difference. It’s an awesome feeling to pay it forward and painless to have a little bit taken from each paycheck before you see it!

Did You Know?
Boise State faculty and staff members may establish an endowed scholarship at one-half of the minimum commitments and may make their pledge payments through payroll deduction. Usually, an endowed scholarship requires a minimum of $25 thousand. For faculty and staff, for a limited time, $1 million is available as matching funds for individual donors who establish Presidential and Dean’s Endowed Scholarships or any endowed scholarship funds at the minimum level of $12,500 or higher. Contact University Advancement for more information. (208) 426-3276.