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Blue, Orange and You – Making Boise State Even Better

Amy Jauregui, Student Affairs

Amy Jauregui, Student Affairs

Meet Amy Jauregui. She’s a Boise State alumna and a lifelong member of the Boise community working as a senior business manager in Boise State’s Office of Student Affairs. Amy is one of Boise State’s faculty and staff philanthropists contributing to more than $5.6 million raised through our campus-wide initiative.

Since 1997, Amy’s support includes membership in the Alumni Association and Boise State Public Radio, annual gifts to the university and support of two successful PonyUp campaigns, including the observatory and funding for Partnership Jamaica, a service learning initiative.

Amy shares her motivation for giving:

What factors influenced your decision to give to Blue, Orange and You?
I recognize the role the university plays in the development of people throughout their lives and providing so many opportunities for our growth as professionals and as citizens. I know that I benefit from having an educated, well-rounded community and neighbors. I am also inspired by the work I see my colleagues doing in Student Affairs, specifically. 

I donated to the Partnership Jamaica Fund because I have a close-up view of its life-changing effects both for participants and the beneficiaries in Jamaica. Sometimes, students going on this service learning trip who have never left Idaho or the country before. I know this is a life-changing and eye-opening opportunity for them, and I believe in this important work. I’m happy to support it in the small way that I can.

Is there a specific instance or student who inspired you to address this need?
I have many passions and interests which include music, art, travel, and learning in general.  I have been fortunate to have been able to explore those interests and passions during my university years and beyond, through programs at Boise State. 

What do you hope the long term impact of your gift will be?
I want others to have those opportunities as well because it makes a stronger community for all of us.

If you could say one thing to encourage a colleague to make a donation of any size what would it be?
Over the long term, with many people’s support, I hope that our combined donations help to make Boise and Boise State University an even better place.  I think we can all benefit from that.

Inspired by Amy’s generosity in support of Boise State? There are many areas where your generosity can help the university.  When choosing where to direct your gift, please keep in mind that student scholarships are our greatest need and top philanthropic priority.  Of course, there are many other opportunities and through the Blue, Orange and You initiative, all gifts are counted toward the goal.

Did You Know?
Boise State faculty and staff members may establish an endowed scholarship at one-half of the minimum commitments and may make their pledge payments through payroll deduction. Usually, an endowed scholarship requires a minimum of $25,000. For faculty and staff, for a limited time, $1 million is available as matching funds for individual donors who establish Presidential and Dean’s Endowed Scholarships or any endowed scholarship funds at the minimum level of $12,500 or higher. Contact University Advancement for more information. (208) 426-3276.