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From the Vice President

Take a Look at the Ripple Effect of Giving at Boise State

Philanthropic endowments have been known since ancient times. The Greek philosopher Plato bequeathed valuable land to his disciples so they could maintain his Academy.

The ripple effect of endowment funds is powerful and real. We see it every day at Boise State – scholarships enable students from all backgrounds, more students are pursuing graduate degrees on campus, classrooms are equipped for the best instruction, empowered learners and leaders enter the world ready to make a difference.

And it all begins with donors.

Taking a deep look at all of the great things happening at Boise State is like looking into a constant stream of discoveries with endless ripples resonating on the surface. Endowment gifts grow innovation, research, knowledge and experiences that take students beyond classrooms, labs and lecture halls out into the world. Endowment earnings provide perpetual streams of support and sustainability, allowing the university to plan for the future. And it all begins with the donor – setting in motion a ripple effect that continues without end.

A donor’s gift is, first, a gift of opportunity that becomes (in many forms) empowered learning, leading to positive transformation of the world we live in.  The impact illustrates how much our alumni and friends truly embrace the promise of a Boise State education.

Donors move the power of knowledge forward. They are the very force necessary to grow a tradition of excellence. We are extremely grateful for the support of our donors. For inspirational stories about how giving makes a difference to the lives of students, faculty and donors, take a look at this year’s endowment report and other examples on our website.

Cover of the 2016 Endowment Report: The Ripple Effect of Giving at Boise State University

Click here to see The Ripple Effect of Giving at Boise State University



Laura C. Simic is vice president for advancement at Boise State University.

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