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From the Vice President

13 Ways of Looking at Endowments

Do you have a clear vision of the impact of all of your charitable giving? If not, you are not alone. Organizations that depend upon donor support often struggle to tell this part of the story, especially in a way that’s meaningful at a personal level.

Boise State is making the connection between donors and impact. We show you how your dollars go to work, introduce you to the characters, share the inspiration of new ideas and actions taken. We unite allies and look at the challenges ahead, together. And when supporters ask, “what more can I do?” we have the right answer for them.

This year, we’re sharing a new way of looking at giving to Boise State:


Click here to see The Impact of Your Giving
(click here for a printable version)

Explore 13 Ways of Looking at Endowments. You may not have thought about giving quite this way before.

After all, giving isn’t really about the monetary transaction. It’s about impelling progress, broadening horizons and enriching lives. Giving creates change for the better and lasting impact. For inspirational stories about how giving makes a difference to the lives of students, faculty and donors, take a look at our website.


Laura C. Simic is vice president for advancement at Boise State University.

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