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From the Vice President

Our Commitment to Financial Stewardship

This time of year, we notice news headlines calling out for budget cutting exercises and reduced spending. Of course, as a state institution of higher education there are implications for us—the budget informs our program and operations plans for the year. That’s why we continually and conscientiously act as good financial stewards of our resources.

Being good financial stewards goes beyond compliance and accounting principles, though that is certainly part of our practice. The greater purpose is in our responsibility to donors in the ways that we prudently manage private support to Boise State University.

We know that our donors have made an investment that comes with certain expectations. We know that your gifts matter to you as much as they do to the people and programs that depend upon them. We also know that you give with the expectation that great good will come from your gifts. Responsible financial stewardship means that we use your donations effectively for their intended purposes.

This is why we value our personal and lifelong relationships with our alumni and donors: We want your passion, vision and interests to augment the education of students, the work of faculty, and the growth of programs at Boise State.

You can, and should, have expectations of us and our partners in the advancement enterprise, the Boise State University Alumni Association and the Foundation. You can expect prompt acknowledgement for gifts, for example, responsible investment strategy, safeguarding of confidential personal information, operational transparency and proper governance and oversight. And for any questions or concerns, you can expect open doors and prompt and forthright answers to the very best of our ability.

We are committed to excellence in financial stewardship because we must have the trust of every donor. We strive to earn it—and keep it—because without it, we cannot effectively serve this institution.

As budgets for the forthcoming year are set, of course we expect to be challenged. With public funding decreasing, we rely increasingly on private funding – your gifts – to make possible the teaching, research and public service of Boise State University. And we will make good decisions because we value the trust that alumni and donors place in us.

Laura C. Simic is vice president for advancement at Boise State University.

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