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From the Vice President

Student Callers Make Connections

There’s a great group of Boise State students doing wonderful things for this university – and they want to talk to you.

About three-dozen enthusiastic students are part of a team that reaches out to the university’s alumni and friends through our telephone outreach program. There are many reasons they make these calls – and, yes, one of them is to ask for a gift that will help propel Boise State forward. But as Maya Davis – one of our lead callers – will tell you, these calls are about a lot more than asking for donations.

“Some of my best conversations have been with people who haven’t given any money at all,” Maya recently told us. Instead, these calls are about making connections – connections between herself and the person she’s talking with, connections between alumni and their alma mater, and connections between Maya and her university.

She’s a junior education major that transferred to Boise State from a university in her home state of Colorado.

“I’m not from the area and never really had the traditional freshman year orientation experience, so I learn a lot about Boise State and the area from the people I call. I love talking with them and hearing about their experiences, the programs and activities they were involved in, and how much Boise State has changed over the years.”

She particularly likes learning what our alumni have done with their lives since they graduated – and picking up tips about what she can expect when she becomes an alumna.

“I’ve gotten a lot of really good advice,” she said.

Maya said it’s obvious that the alumni she talks to are very proud of the university’s amazing growth in recent years. She said they often mention the new buildings that have gone up recently and love hearing about those we’re planning, like the new Alumni and Friends Center. But, Maya said, it’s really the impact of the things you cannot see that excite them, and her, most – especially raising money for student scholarships.

“We have helped so many more students graduate because of what we do. We are making Boise State a better place with the support we are getting from our alumni and other supporters. It’s important and we wouldn’t be able to do it without them.”

I couldn’t agree more.

So, if you happen to get a call from one of our students one day, keep this sentiment from Maya, speaking on behalf of her fellow student callers, in mind:

“We really do care about Boise State. When we reach out to alumni and others we are doing what we can to help the university. We are doing everything we can for Boise State.”

Laura C. Simic is vice president for university advancement at Boise State University.

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