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From the Vice President

Pooling Gifts and Employer Matches Leverage Donor Impact

A group of five very smart Boise State alumni donors recently came together to great benefit for our students. Graduates of our highly-esteemed geosciences program, these alumni pooled their gifts to the university, leveraged their employer’s matching gift program and created a touching tribute to a college professor who greatly influenced each of them.

The result was the creation of the Claude Spinosa Presidential Endowed Scholarship – a new full-tuition scholarship for some deserving geosciences student that honors Dr. Spinosa’s long career as a faculty member teaching stratigraphy and paleontology at Boise State.

Led by John Foudy, a regular annual donor to Boise State, this group of donor alumni – all employees of Exxon Mobil in Houston – were able to do something extraordinary as a group that they couldn’t have done individually. By combining their individual gifts and applying for Exxon Mobil’s 3-to-1 match for employee giving to higher education, these Broncos cobbled together an endowment of about $210,000 for the scholarship. The earnings from the endowment will be more than enough to pay current in-state tuition and fees for one student in perpetuity.

It’s quite a legacy for Dr. Spinosa and these five alumni.

As you can see, collective philanthropy and employee giving match programs are very effective ways of leveraging the impact donors can have with their gifts.  To see if your employer offers a matching gift program click here.

So on behalf of the students of Boise State, I’d like to thank Mr. Foudy and his colleagues – Lucas Buchanan, Michael Farley, Vijay Gottumkkula and Dana Hutchison – for their generosity and loyalty to their alma mater. And congratulations to Dr. Spinosa, now an emeritus faculty member, for his long career at Boise State and this recognition of his influence on students through the years.

Laura C. Simic is vice president for advancement at Boise State University.

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