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From the Vice President

Yesterday’s Graduates Are Today’s Accomplished Alumni

The ritual of graduation is truly inspiring.

Over the weekend, more than 2,200 Broncos began their new life as alumni of Boise State University. Appropriately, it was a celebration of accomplishment – parents, spouses, children, friends and other loved ones proudly posing for photos with the beaming graduates wearing their mortar boards, tassels and robes.

For those of us in higher education, the semi-annual Commencement ceremony is always an uplifting reminder of what we do and why we do it. The creation and dissemination of knowledge – year after year, generation after generation – is a trust that ensures society’s improvement and progression. It is an investment in individuals who will guide their communities with what they have learned in our classrooms and what life will teach them after they leave.

These newest alumni join nearly 75,000 Boise State graduates making their way in the world. Their accomplishments in life are Boise State’s most important mark of success as a university – and the most influential factor in the value of a Boise State degree.

And as successful alumni, their involvement with their alma mater is one of Boise State’s most important resources for building the future. As the university’s most ardent fans, critics and ambassadors – and its most faithful and generous donors – they have the opportunity to shape Boise State in the years to come like no other force.

So, it was with heartfelt inspiration that we joined this weekend’s graduates in celebrating not only their accomplishments during their time at Boise State, but also what they will accomplish as alumni.

Laura C. Simic is vice president for advancement at Boise State University.

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