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From the Vice President

Donors, Scholarships Are Essential to Boise State Students

Our donors are more important to Boise State University than ever. Over the past several years, the State’s decreasing support for public universities has forced students to shoulder more and more of the financial burden of their education.

At Boise State, we are asking our donors to partner with us to ease the financial burden and encourage meritorious students by supporting student scholarships.

The generosity of our donors has been increasingly important in recent years. With their help, Boise State now has built new classrooms, laboratories and public spaces. Their generosity helps to grow the dynamic research programs, creating knowledge and spinning off exciting intellectual property and patents to advance the economic development of our region. Private gifts help the university develop dozens of new degrees – baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral programs – resulting in a more educated citizenry and helping Idaho reach its educational attainment goals.

Now, through their support of scholarships, they directly help our students with the costs of college. Many donors already give generously to scholarships and for this we are truly grateful. But the need is huge. Each year, despite millions of dollars in financial aid awarded by Boise State, most students who require financial assistance to attend school have thousands of dollars in unmet financial needs.

As a result, many are relying on loans to pay for school, taking on debt they cannot afford. Others must work through school, often forcing them to forgo important, fulfilling learning opportunities as they hectically concentrate on the bare minimum of academic achievement. Financial concerns cause others to only attend school part-time leaving them no choice but to achieve their goal over several years, instead of just a few. And unfortunately, too many will either leave school before they graduate or not attend at all because of the costs of going to college. Scholarships make college affordable and accessible.

There is no question about the impact scholarships have on the lives of our students. Instead, the question is how much we will be able to help them.

Laura C. Simic is vice president for advancement at Boise State University.

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