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From the Vice President

Sustainable Giving Provides Stable Foundation

Sustainability is a watchword in modern society. It evokes notions of balance – stewarding resources in a way that ensures their availability for generations, if not forever.

Ecological sustainability is behind degree programs and research initiatives at Boise State investigating topics like energy (, how water moves through our environment, business practices, urban planning and raptor biology, a fascinating example of which can be found in our Photo of the Week link above.

For a university advancing as quickly as Boise State, sustainability also means ensuring a solid foundation of resources underpins whatever you build – whether academic programs, student initiatives, faculty support, or bricks and mortar. And philanthropy is essential to that sustained, long-term support.

Just yesterday evening, generous donors who regularly give $1,000 or more each year to Boise State gathered on campus at the special invitation of President and Mrs. Bob Kustra. This giving society, the President’s Club, provides essential philanthropic support to Boise State year after year after year. The members’ consistent generosity – including support of student scholarships, our top philanthropic priority – provides the sustainable foundation of giving upon which Boise State builds its future as a rising metropolitan research university of distinction.

At last night’s gathering members spent time mingling with each other, President and Mrs. Kustra and other university leaders, as well as our impressive Top Ten Scholars. They also received an inside perspective on our plans for deepening student scholarship support at Boise State.

Without these generous donors, Boise State’s ability to sustain its remarkable growth and advancement would be left out of balance and on shaky ground. We thank and appreciate all of our donors and, particularly the sustainability of our President’s Club members.

Laura C. Simic is vice president of advancement for Boise State University.

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