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Advancing Boise State — Giving Matters

September 2018 — Bronco Giving Day Edition

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Early Bird Gets The Worm

Tracy Bicknell-Holmes Kicks off Bronco Giving Day

Congratulations to Albertsons Library Dean Tracy Bicknell-Holmes for making the very first gift to Bronco Giving Day! Along with the pride of being first, her $500 bonus will go toward helping the Library get a new laser cutter.

Click here to meet Tracy and learn about her game plan to win the challenge.

Headshot of Laura Simic

One Day, Thousands of Lives Impacted

Donors Give $328.395 on First Bronco Giving Day

Boise State’s first-ever Bronco Giving Day was a success thanks to more than 950 donors who shared their passion for the university and our students’ achievements. Together, students, friends, alumni, faculty, staff and fans contributed $328,395 to support programs, student activities, scholarships, research projects and more across campus. Boise State faculty and staff impressively gave 647 times for a total of $34,299 toward the campaign. Thanks to all of you for keeping Boise State thriving and vital for generations to come.

Click here to read more about Bronco Giving Day.

Boise State Employees Come Up Big

Boise State Employees Share Their Passion on Bronco Giving Day

On Bronco Giving Day, any Boise State faculty and staff gift received a $4,000 matching bonus from Interim President Martin Schimpf and the Vice Presidents. Sharing their passion 647 times, faculty and staff gifted $30,299. Adding in the $4,000 match, Boise State employees accounted for $34,299 during our 36-hour campaign. Thank you Boise State!

Click here to see Boise State superstars Joelle Powers (associate dean, College of Health Sciences) and Andy Giacomazzi (associate dean, School of Public Service) thank Boise State employees.

Bronco Kids and Pets Ruled the Day

Challenges Brought Cuteness Overload and Bronco Giving Day Bonuses

Several challenges were thrown out during the day, but it was the Future Bronco Challenge and the Best Bronco Pet Challenge that made everyone go, “awwww.”

Francisca M. posted a photo of her youngest child overlooking The Blue to win the Future Bronco Challenge. She donated her $150 bonus to the Dean of Student’s Emergency Fund. Click here to view the winning submission. 

Debi-Terry Jensen shared a photo of her 12-year-old dog Dame to win the Bronco Pet Challenge. She donated her $150 bonus to the College of Education. Click here to view the winning submission.


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Bronco Giving Day has allowed all members of the Bronco family to show their support and foster the passion of our students. Thank you to all of our Boise State University colleges, departments, programs, alumni, friends, employees and students for making this day a success!

Click here to watch the Bronco Giving Day Highlight Reel.

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